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Lucignano Tuscany Video

12 February 2015

Lucignano is one of the most characteristic  villages of Tuscany because of its original castle-like structure with an elliptic plan with the streets within the walls moving towards the center in a series of concentric circles. Apart from a few exceptions the buildings built between the XIII and XVIII centuries are in excellent condition and give the town an air of nobility, accentuated by the solid structure of the Rocca (XV century), by the majestic provostry and by the gothic church of San Francesco.
In the town hall, rich in frescoes of the Sienese and Aretine schools, there is a  museum notable for the precious works and objects housed there. The “Albero della Vita” (tree of life), an original reliquary and splendid example of late gothic Aretine goldsmithery is of particular importance.
In Lucignano (Tuscany) the last two Sundays of May take place the traditional “Maggiolata Lucignanese”. A parade of allegorical floats covered in colorful flowers draws a large number of visitors to this small village in the Valdichiana.
The whole village is covered of flowers… a real flowers show.

Take the opportunity to spend a wonderful holiday in the characteristic village of Lucignano Tuscany, in a vacation villa or apartment.

Folkloristic Weekend in Lucignano – Maggiolata

Lucignano – Valdichiana – Arezzo 3 days/ 2 nights Price € 150 per person LA MAGGIOLATA LUCIGNANESE take place from 17/05 to 24/05/2015. La MAGGIOLATA is one of the most waited events of  the Valdichiana. Floats artistically made with fresh flowers, historical groups, bands and folkloristic groups parading through the concentric streets of the medieval village of...
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10 February 2015

La Maggiolata Lucignanese

Lucignano is a charming Tuscan medieval village situated midway between Arezzo and Siena, which maintain still intact the Medieval walls and the narrow road of the historical centre. During the last two weeks of may in Lucignano take place the Maggiolata. An event bound to the best rural Tuscan tradition, something like a new celebration for...
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10 February 2015

The Medici Fortress in Arezzo

In ancient times the Citadel was situated in the present area of the Fortress: it was called “Poggio di San Donato” and was defended by a surrounding wall inside which there were the City Hall, houses, towers and several churches including San Donato, which named the area. During XIV Century, when Arezzo ends up under...
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5 February 2015