Monthly Archives: March 2017


The Palio della Balestra of Sansepolcro is an ancient tournament that has its roots in the Tuscan Renaissance and has been able to perpetuate itself over time, continuously since the 15th century. Today is held on the second Sunday of September when the crossbowmen of Sansepolcro face the friends-rivals of the Umbrian town...

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29 March 2017


The Bravìo delle Botti of Montepulciano is a charming event not to be missed, and is also a chance to live Tuscany and its traditions during your stay there. The “Bravìo” takes place every year, on the last Sunday of August, and besides being an important event is also a different, and extremely...

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16 March 2017

Italian Classes in Arezzo

We propose real Italian Classes in Arezzo in a specialized school, a perfect place to study and discover the Italian culture, get in touch with the local population in a way that  you can still appreciate the authentic Tuscan life.

Highly qualified teachers, many years of experience and the recognition by Eduitalia,...

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3 March 2017

The Guinigi Tower

The Guinigi Tower is the most important and representative tower of Lucca. During the medieval times more than 250 between towers and steeples adorned the city, but only a few of them have nowadays remained. The main feature of the Guinigi Tower is the presence of a roof garden with some centuries old...

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1 March 2017