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Tour of Siena with private guide

Experience a Tour of Siena with private guide, an expert guide will be at your exclusive disposal and will bring you to discover the historic center of Siena, UNESCO-protected town and pride of Tuscany region.

This trip is ideal to get a general idea of the city and its treasures.

Starting from...

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9 March 2016


Oscar-worthy Tuscany. Tuscany has often lent its spaces, its squares, its monuments to the film industry, there are, in fact, many films shot in Tuscany. The region is ideal to find idyllic settings, amidst unspoiled medieval villages and countryside sceneries among olive groves and vineyards. The films shot in Tuscany belong to all...

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12 February 2016


The idea of the Vespa was born with the approaching of the end of the World War II, when Enrico Piaggio needed to find a possible solution to restart production, by converting his purely military factories such as the largest one in Pontedera. Enrico Piaggio commissioned Corradino D'Ascanio to design a scooter that...

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9 February 2016

The Small Town of Anghiari

The small town of Anghiari, in the province of Arezzo, known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is rich in history, monuments and places of interest. In 1440 the plain of the Valtiberina, in front of Anghiari was the site of the battle between the Florentines and the Milanese, with...

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7 January 2016

The Cribs of Tuscany

The Cribs of Tuscany, from the mechanical to the living ones, are true works of art that are renewed every year thanks to the skills and commitment of lovers and artists, who work for months to develop set designs and choreography, create attractive views and lights effects that will leave you speechless. From Firenze...

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16 December 2015

Basic Italian dictionary for your holiday in Italy

Nowadays in Italy it’s quite common to find people speaking English especially in touristic cities, but not everywhere. Just to satisfy  your curiosity about our beautiful Italian language, here we try to give a small basic italian dictionary. For example the day of the week: Read More
16 December 2015

The Cavallucci biscuits Recipe

The recipe of the Cavallucci biscuits of Siena is one of the typical Christmas recipes. The Cavallucci are one of the most famous sweets of Christmas period and they are prepared by melting sugar with honey, adding flour, walnuts, orange zest, anise and other spices. Originating in the area of Siena, they can be found on...

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15 December 2015

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio, built near a crossing of the Roman era, until 1218 was the only bridge in Florence which crossed the River Arno. Ponte Vecchio, as you see it today, was built in 1345 after a violent flood had destroyed the previous bridge. During World War II the German troops destroyed all Florence’s...

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11 December 2015

Flying to Tuscany

Flying  to Tuscany is becoming more and more convenient and affordable for everyone, for these reasons we find important to evaluate this possibility instead of having a very long journey on the car to reach your holiday villa in Tuscany.

Most people find that flying into Pisa or Florence Airport...

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27 November 2015

The Castagnaccio Recipe

Together with the “Schiacciata” with grapes, the Castagnaccio or “Baldino”, prepared with chestnut flour, milk, walnuts, pine nuts and raisins is one of the sweets of the autumn season in Tuscany. Since the chestnut, the main ingredient of the Castagnaccio, is widespread in regions such as Veneto, Piemonte, Lombardia and Toscana, it is a...

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6 November 2015

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