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The Pizza Festival of Marciano della Chiana takes place every year, since 1991, in the first three weeks of the month of August. The event is organized in the terrace behind the village gym and besides tasting exquisite and renowned Chianina meat of the finest quality and typical dishes of the area you...

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21 April 2017


Fiera del Cacio of Pienza. Starting at the end of August and for a week Pienza, the ancient town recognized as a heritage site by UNESCO, is animated by the Fiera del Cacio (Cheese Fair), which officially took place for the first time in 1974.

In the early years, the Fair was...

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18 April 2017


Tuscany and tradition the olive harvest. Tuscany is certainly famous for its town and artistic wonders, but when you say "Tuscany" you imply much much more. What really characterizes Tuscany is its territory, its hills, its expanses of vineyards and olive groves. However, the richness of this land is not only scenic and...

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5 October 2016

The Cavallucci biscuits Recipe

The recipe of the Cavallucci biscuits of Siena is one of the typical Christmas recipes. The Cavallucci are one of the most famous sweets of Christmas period and they are prepared by melting sugar with honey, adding flour, walnuts, orange zest, anise and other spices. Originating in the area of Siena, they can be found on...

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15 December 2015

The Castagnaccio Recipe

Together with the “Schiacciata” with grapes, the Castagnaccio or “Baldino”, prepared with chestnut flour, milk, walnuts, pine nuts and raisins is one of the sweets of the autumn season in Tuscany. Since the chestnut, the main ingredient of the Castagnaccio, is widespread in regions such as Veneto, Piemonte, Lombardia and Toscana, it is a...

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6 November 2015

Tagliatelle pasta with Chestnuts and Porcini

Tagliatelle pasta with Chestnuts and Porcini. Among the fruits of autumn the most popular and certainly the most representative of the season are chestnuts. Excellent when roasted, they can be used in cooking in an endless series of preparations. Those perhaps most obvious are with desserts, but also in savory dishes chestnuts can...

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30 October 2015


In Tuscany olives are harvested from mid October to December. The olive harvest is usually made by hand, while olives are still green using the traditional method called “brucatura”, in which olives are “combed” from the tree branches with a scissors-shaped instrument. Mechanical olive harvest is becoming more common, but picking by hand...

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23 October 2015

Wine Tasting in Villa in Tuscany

WINE TASTING IN VILLA - Price starting from Euro 35,00,- per person We arrange Wine Tasting in the comfort of your holiday villa, with generous sample of typical products from Tuscany like Salame, Finocchiona, Bruschetta, Cheese with balsamic vinegar and Cantucci. …… You'll have the opportunity to taste 5 great Tuscan wines (white wine, red wine and...
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18 July 2015

The Chianina Breed

The Chianina Breed has very ancient origins, is native of the territory of the ValdiChiana, in Tuscany, from which it takes its name. The first information about  Chianina breed date back to pre-Roman times, but especially during the Roman Empire, when according to the writers of that time, were sacrificed to the gods white cow...

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13 May 2015


The Tuscan Carnival, a very significant celebration in our land, is a festival that is mostly celebrated in the countries of Christian tradition, and especially in those of the Catholic tradition. It is the happiest festival of the year, during which it is permissible to indulge in small follies. A Carnival without its masks, jokes,...
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17 February 2015