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Pappa al Pomodoro Recipe

Tuscan bread is generally unsalted, that’s why it can be combined with many ingredients (such as extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes ) which make it much appreciated. These simple ingredients make up a the basis for many recipes yet there is one condition, these few ingredients must be of excellent quality and Tuscan. Once you...
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22 January 2015

Crostini Neri Recipe

During Christmas time most Tuscan people surely will have crostini neri (chicken liver) as a starter; the real traditional recipe is made in most homes but is also always found in restaurant menus. The word crostini literally refers to the bread, similar to a baguette where the patè is spread. Throughout Tuscany each family makes its own version and everybody loves crostini…!   Ingredients...
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18 December 2014

Ribollita Recipe

Ribollita is a perfect mix to face the cold season and it is considered one of the most popular winter dishes in Tuscany. It contains different kinds of cabbage, beans, onions and carrots. It’s a typical winter dish also because the main ingredient (Tuscan kale or black cabbage) is a vegetable that grows at this time...
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17 December 2014

Typical Tuscan Dishes

Five not-to-miss dishes you must taste in Tuscany.

When you spend some time in Tuscany you will have to face one doubt that all food lovers have to deal with. What to really eat before going back if you want to taste Real Tuscany? We try to give you a hand in this hard choice by selecting some...
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12 December 2014