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The Abbey of Farneta, dedicated to Santa Maria, rises on the small hill of Farneta, close to the beautiful town of Cortona, and excluded from the phenomenon of becoming a marsh thanks to the 320 metres of altitude that characterize it.

The foundation of the original monastery is reportedly to be attributed...

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6 April 2016

Etruscans Masters of Writing exhibition at MAEC

Etruscans Masters of Writing exhibition at MAEC ("Etruschi Maestri di Scrittura") was inaugurated last Friday, March 18th in Cortona at the Etruscan Academy Museum of the City of Cortona (MAEC) and it will be open until July 31st.

After the recent discoveries of Etruscan inscriptions near Montpellier and the discovery in Cortona of the...

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25 March 2016

Tour of Siena with private guide

Experience a Tour of Siena with private guide, an expert guide will be at your exclusive disposal and will bring you to discover the historic center of Siena, UNESCO-protected town and pride of Tuscany region.

This trip is ideal to get a general idea of the city and its treasures.

Starting from...

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9 March 2016

The Small Town of Anghiari

The small town of Anghiari, in the province of Arezzo, known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is rich in history, monuments and places of interest. In 1440 the plain of the Valtiberina, in front of Anghiari was the site of the battle between the Florentines and the Milanese, with...

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7 January 2016


The painting of the Madonna del Parto realized by Piero della Francesca, during 7 days only, in the very small Church of Santa Maria a Momentana, secluded among the green hills of Monterchi Arezzo province, is one of his most renowned and admired masterpieces. Still today it attracts in the Valtiberina visitors from...

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13 March 2015

Golden Tree – Museum of Lucignano

Lucignano is a small medieval village overlooking the Valdichiana, halfway between Siena and Arezzo. We can certainly call it one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and owes his fortune to the geographical location, between Arezzo, Siena and Perugia. During the Middle Ages wars, controlling Lucignano meant controlling the transit routes to these cities. Lucignano...
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26 February 2015

The Valdichiana and its Museums

The Chiana Valley (Valdichiana) takes its name from the ancient river Clanis, which in Etruscan and Roman times flowed from Arezzo to the south until it joined the river Paglia, and finally got into the Tiber. Today the Valdichiana is administratively divided between the Tuscan provinces of Arezzo and Siena. The Valdichiana is described by the...
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27 January 2015

Piero della Francesca The Legend of the True Cross

Piero della Francesca painted a fresco cycle narrating the Legend of the True Cross, the cross on which Christ was crucified, in the “Cappella Maggiore” (main choir chapel) of the Basilica of San Francesco, in the town of Arezzo. The story illustrated by Piero della Francesca was originally drawn from Jacopo da Varagine's...
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23 December 2014