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Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio, built near a crossing of the Roman era, until 1218 was the only bridge in Florence which crossed the River Arno. Ponte Vecchio, as you see it today, was built in 1345 after a violent flood had destroyed the previous bridge. During World War II the German troops destroyed all Florence’s...

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11 December 2015

The Legend of San Galgano

The Legend of San Galgano. The saint San Galgano, also known as Galgano Guidotti lived in Tuscany in the XII Century. He was a knight who was later venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church for choosing the life of a hermit. The Legend of San Galgano tells also about is sword,...

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6 November 2015

Discovering Tuscan territory, Eurocasa Tours and Services.

Discovering the Tuscan territory through Eurocasa Tours and Services. For several years Eurocasa Holiday has been specializing in offering with care and attention, not only villas, cottages, holiday homes in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, but also customized services and related activities to be carried out during the Holiday which will make you discover the...

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30 October 2015

Walking on Via Francigena

The Via Francigena was the pilgrims way from Northern Europe to the Holy See, a path that, in the Middle Ages, connected Canterbury to Rome and that today is having more and more touristic interest. Although it may seem strange nowadays that we live always in a hurry, people used to move a lot also in...
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23 October 2015

The Valdichiana Valley

The Valdichiana is a green valley about 100 km long, located between the plains of Arezzo and Orvieto, including the hydrographic basin of the Canale Maestro della Chiana. Human settlements in Valdichiana have really ancient origins. The various testimonies come from archaeological finds of Prehistoric and Protohistoric eras, although the real development occurred in...

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19 June 2015


The painting of the Madonna del Parto realized by Piero della Francesca, during 7 days only, in the very small Church of Santa Maria a Momentana, secluded among the green hills of Monterchi Arezzo province, is one of his most renowned and admired masterpieces. Still today it attracts in the Valtiberina visitors from...

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13 March 2015

Giotto’s Bell Tower – Florence

Giotto's Bell Tower in Florence is about 85 meters high, 15 wide and is one of the largest examples of Florentine Gothic of the 13th Century. Giotto's Bell Tower is covered with white, red and green marble like the ones that adorn the Cathedral of "Santa Maria del Fiore".

The construction of the...

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6 March 2015


Piazza del Campo Siena, famous throughout the world for its architectural beauty and its particular "clamshell" form, lies in the junction point of the three hills on which the city stands. Piazza del Campo each year attracts millions of tourists from around the world. The earliest records date back to 1169, and relate...

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27 February 2015

Golden Tree – Museum of Lucignano

Lucignano is a small medieval village overlooking the Valdichiana, halfway between Siena and Arezzo. We can certainly call it one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and owes his fortune to the geographical location, between Arezzo, Siena and Perugia. During the Middle Ages wars, controlling Lucignano meant controlling the transit routes to these cities. Lucignano...
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26 February 2015

Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, will host from May 1 to October 31, 2015 and the main topic will be feeding and nutrition.  More than 140 participating countries will show the best of their technology that offers a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for...
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25 February 2015