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Discovering Tuscan territory, Eurocasa Tours and Services.

Discovering the Tuscan territory through Eurocasa Tours and Services. For several years Eurocasa Holiday has been specializing in offering with care and attention, not only villas, cottages, holiday homes in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, but also customized services and related activities to be carried out during the Holiday which will make you discover the...

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30 October 2015

What to do for New Year’s Eve?

We are about to the time of the year when everyone starts  wondering and asking: "What to do for New Year's?" ... We do want to help you in finding a good answer  and we propose our selection of Houses, Apartments and Villas in Tuscany and Umbria for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!...

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28 October 2015

Walking on Via Francigena

The Via Francigena was the pilgrims way from Northern Europe to the Holy See, a path that, in the Middle Ages, connected Canterbury to Rome and that today is having more and more touristic interest. Although it may seem strange nowadays that we live always in a hurry, people used to move a lot also in...
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23 October 2015

Wine Tasting in Villa in Tuscany

WINE TASTING IN VILLA - Price starting from Euro 35,00,- per person We arrange Wine Tasting in the comfort of your holiday villa, with generous sample of typical products from Tuscany like Salame, Finocchiona, Bruschetta, Cheese with balsamic vinegar and Cantucci. …… You'll have the opportunity to taste 5 great Tuscan wines (white wine, red wine and...
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18 July 2015

The Valdichiana Valley

The Valdichiana is a green valley about 100 km long, located between the plains of Arezzo and Orvieto, including the hydrographic basin of the Canale Maestro della Chiana. Human settlements in Valdichiana have really ancient origins. The various testimonies come from archaeological finds of Prehistoric and Protohistoric eras, although the real development occurred in...

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19 June 2015

The Chianina Breed

The Chianina Breed has very ancient origins, is native of the territory of the ValdiChiana, in Tuscany, from which it takes its name. The first information about  Chianina breed date back to pre-Roman times, but especially during the Roman Empire, when according to the writers of that time, were sacrificed to the gods white cow...

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13 May 2015

Arezzo Equestrian Centre

The AEC, Arezzo Equestrian Centre, includes 32 hectares of land, 118,000 square meters of sports facilities, 3 sand arenas, one in grass of 1.8 hectares, considered among the best in the world, 4 work camps (one of them of m. 70x30 covered) and 400 boxes for the guests.

The Arezzo Equestrian Centre is one...

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12 March 2015

Giotto’s Bell Tower – Florence

Giotto's Bell Tower in Florence is about 85 meters high, 15 wide and is one of the largest examples of Florentine Gothic of the 13th Century. Giotto's Bell Tower is covered with white, red and green marble like the ones that adorn the Cathedral of "Santa Maria del Fiore".

The construction of the...

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6 March 2015


Piazza del Campo Siena, famous throughout the world for its architectural beauty and its particular "clamshell" form, lies in the junction point of the three hills on which the city stands. Piazza del Campo each year attracts millions of tourists from around the world. The earliest records date back to 1169, and relate...

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27 February 2015


ROMANTIC TOUR ON BOARD OF THE APE CALESSINO CAR For those who are looking for a romantic  experience to impress him / her partner during the holiday in Tuscany, we offer an exclusive tour through the sweet Tuscan hills,  on board  of the characteristic Ape Calessino car, undisputed icon of the Italian style. The tour includes a...
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26 February 2015