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Golden Tree – Museum of Lucignano

Lucignano is a small medieval village overlooking the Valdichiana, halfway between Siena and Arezzo. We can certainly call it one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and owes his fortune to the geographical location, between Arezzo, Siena and Perugia. During the Middle Ages wars, controlling Lucignano meant controlling the transit routes to these cities. Lucignano...
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26 February 2015


The very symbol of Lucca, the amphitheater square, which was once the center of the show and was born out of the Roman city, is now the center of city life. It is a singular, elliptical square closed in an embrace of ancient medieval houses and, despite the passage of millennia, is still alive and has witnessed...
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20 February 2015

Wheelchair accessible villas in Tuscany

In Italy we are paying every day much more attention to the accessibility of the public places. We know how it is important to make accessible to everybody museums, shops, supermarkets, public toilets, restaurants, bars etc… The public administration both of the main cities and of the small villages in Tuscany are already working to realize...
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20 February 2015


CHURCH OF SAN FRANCESCO (XIII Century) Like the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi, the church of San Francesco in Cortona was built by Brother Elia in 1247 on a land where there were substantial remains of Roman buildings. The church was considerably remodeled , especially in the 17th Century, however, still retains intact grandeur...
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18 February 2015

The beautiful places of the Casentino Forests

The National Park of Casentino Forests is one of Europe's largest forest areas, a precious gem placed between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. The park stretches from Mount Falterona to the Mandrioli pass, and can be visited on foot, by bike or on horseback. It is an immense heritage, not only natural but also historical. From a...
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12 February 2015

Folkloristic Weekend in Lucignano – Maggiolata

Lucignano – Valdichiana – Arezzo 3 days/ 2 nights Price € 150 per person LA MAGGIOLATA LUCIGNANESE take place from 17/05 to 24/05/2015. La MAGGIOLATA is one of the most waited events of  the Valdichiana. Floats artistically made with fresh flowers, historical groups, bands and folkloristic groups parading through the concentric streets of the medieval village of...
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10 February 2015

The Medici Fortress in Arezzo

In ancient times the Citadel was situated in the present area of the Fortress: it was called “Poggio di San Donato” and was defended by a surrounding wall inside which there were the City Hall, houses, towers and several churches including San Donato, which named the area. During XIV Century, when Arezzo ends up under...
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5 February 2015

The Valdichiana and its Museums

The Chiana Valley (Valdichiana) takes its name from the ancient river Clanis, which in Etruscan and Roman times flowed from Arezzo to the south until it joined the river Paglia, and finally got into the Tiber. Today the Valdichiana is administratively divided between the Tuscan provinces of Arezzo and Siena. The Valdichiana is described by the...
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27 January 2015

What you can expect from a Holiday in Tuscany

Have you ever spent an Holiday in Tuscany? Think about it…. Since Tuscany can offer you  infinity opportunities... In Tuscany you find Nature it’s land is rich of natural parks, like the Natural park of Casentino Forests, the natural park of Valdorcia, which is also a Unesco patrimony… etc… In Tuscany  you find Art, both the main...
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20 January 2015

Holiday in Tuscany during Low Season

Enjoy your holiday in Tuscany out of the busy summer months. It’s much quieter in the months of April, May, September and October if you wish to experience the real Tuscany. For those that want simply enjoy Tuscany for its beauty, peacefulness, history and culture then an holiday in Tuscany during low season, between October and May, would be an...
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7 January 2015