Arezzo Equestrian Centre

The AEC, Arezzo Equestrian Centre, includes 32 hectares of land, 118,000 square meters of sports facilities, 3 sand arenas, one in grass of 1.8 hectares, considered among the best in the world, 4 work camps (one of them of m. 70x30 covered) and 400 boxes for the guests.

The Arezzo Equestrian Centre is one of the most prestigious competitive structures in Europe. In 2004 the Centre hosted the Italian stage of the Global Champions Tour, and from 2010 it has renewed its organization and expanded the range of equestrian events by hosting, 30 competitions of the federal program every year.

The Arezzo Equestrian Centre was established in 1999 by the idea and passion of Ita Marzotto, who, after a period of observation of various international realities (such as Germany, France, USA), realized the lack of technically modern establishments in Italy and started buying the old, existent Equestrian Club which included 1 hectare of land. Over the years the facility has been transformed into the Arezzo Equestrian Centre.

Nowadays the AEC is mostly research and development of Top Sports events such as, among many others, the worldwide known Toscana Tour, which will take place from March 17 to April 5, 2015. The Arezzo Equestrian Centre is the new reality of equestrian sports, a most exclusive, elegant and refined circuit of events in Italy and meeting point for people and enthusiasts who love the world of horses.

If you wish to visit the Arezzo Equestrian Centre or if you participate in the Toscana Tour 2015 you can rent a villa in Arezzo area!

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