La Maggiolata Lucignanese

Lucignano is a charming Tuscan medieval village situated midway between Arezzo and Siena, which maintain still intact the Medieval walls and the narrow road of the historical centre.

During the last two weeks of may in Lucignano take place the Maggiolata. An event bound to the best rural Tuscan tradition, something like a new celebration for the arrival of the good season after the long winter, almost a propitiatory rite for an abundant harvest. And today, as in the past, the celebration has really precise connotations: the parade of allegorical chariots, completely realized with flowers, the bands and the folk groups coming from every part of Italy and from abroad, which pass along the entire ring of the village lanes, the historical procession etc….

For the event of La Maggiolata the village  of Lucignano is divided into 4 Districts, each will realize a chariot entirely covered with flowers which will compete for the prestigious prize. The main characteristic of the festivity are flowers, not only on the four chariots but also on the streets, on the balconies and on the doors of every house in the village… A REAL FLOWERS SHOW…

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If you wish to take part in this wonderful event you can choose to rent a Villa, a Farmhouse or an Apartment close by the village of Lucignano.

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