The Cribs of Tuscany

The Cribs of Tuscany, from the mechanical to the living ones, are true works of art that are renewed every year thanks to the skills and commitment of lovers and artists, who work for months to develop set designs and choreography, create attractive views and lights effects that will leave you speechless. From Firenze to Pisa, to Livorno, Arezzo, Grosseto… they are scattered all over Tuscany, some of them are on the move, thanks to mechanical devices developed by expert hands. Others are built or represented even in caves, woods and olive groves. Finally there are entire villages that are invaded by creations of cribs or actual staging of live nativities, with costumed extras, animals and faithful reconstructions of huts, stables, workshops, desert sceneries and much more.

In Tuscany the tradition of staging a nativity scene dates back to ancient times, here some of the nicest events of the region:

Christmas and Living Nativity in Santa Brigida (Firenze). The performance counts 50 figures, a striking scenery with lighting effects, costumes and music. The Living Nativity takes place outdoors, downstream from the Church into a sort of natural amphitheater, a latch in the countryside, where the village of Bethlehem and the hut where Jesus is born is perfectly reconstructed. All with a voiceover that harks back to the Gospel of Luke.

Living Nativity in San Casciano Val di Pesa (Firenze). The Crib of Cerbaia has become a major event for the small town of San Casciano Val di Pesa, in the countryside of Firenze. The characters and scenery are born from a careful, historical study and the infinite wisdom of a gentleman of the village who each year gives the visitors always new scenarios.

Living Nativity in Monterchi (Arezzo). The warm and mystical representation of Monterchi gives the visitors the huge excitement of traveling to a distant time. The course where the representation takes place is about one km long, the extras are more than 250.

Nativity of Rosignano Marittimo (Livorno). The cobbled streets and old grounds of the Castle of Rosignano Marittimo immerse themselves in a magical atmosphere, with over 150 participants who create a new Bethlehem with the characters of the nativity: centurions, Roman knights, shepherds, traders. This is one of the most striking living nativities among those represented. Ancient customs and crafts relive in the Nativity, to which partecipate the whole people of this ancient hilltop village built around the X Century, fortified by the Medici and dominating the sea and the surrounding hills.

The Cribs of Montorsaio (Grosseto). Every year at Christmas time two cribs are set up in the village of Montorsaio, one in the main square and the other in the Church of Compagnia di Santa Croce. The one in the main square is staged with handcrafted terracotta statues, whose characters have the faces of the most known inhabitants of the village; the one in the church is composed of over 30 moving statues that create a very impressive scenery.

 Mechanical Crib of the Rocca a Massa (Massa Carrara). The mechanical nativity of the Rocca offers several sets made entirely by hand with over 50 mechanisms of movement and special effects, all created by craftsmen.

Nativity of the Parish of Calcinaia (Pisa). Every year the population of Calcinaia dedicate themselves to the construction of a large crib, in the evocative Church of the Compagnia, giving emotions and meditative hints. The creation of this crib requires spirit of service and great sacrifice, it takes, in fact, two months to take care of every detail and make a compelling representation of the Nativity. The Crib of Calcinaia is a traditional and meditative nativity scene, with multimedia special effects and mechanical, crafts movements.

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