Crostini Neri Recipe

During Christmas time most Tuscan people surely will have crostini neri (chicken liver) as a starter; the real traditional recipe is made in most homes but is also always found in restaurant menus.
The word crostini literally refers to the bread, similar to a baguette where the patè is spread.

Throughout Tuscany each family makes its own version and everybody loves crostini…!


Ingredients for Crostini Neri for 6 people:

2 loaves for toasted bread slices,
400g chicken livers,
olive oil,
½ an onion,
1 tablespoon of capers,
4 anchovy fillets,
salt and pepper

Crostini neri Preparation

It is very important to clean the chicken livers before starting this preparation. The chicken livers look clean, unfortunately they have a tiny membrane around them which is connected to a small central vein, there might be some blood so wash it away, next check if there is any yellow fat, that too must be removed but the most important  are the green specks of bile that if you do not discard will give the patè a bitter taste.

Gently fry the onion in the olive oil, then add the chopped chicken livers and leave to cook for approximately 20 minutes, do not overcook or the livers will become hard and chewy. Take out the chicken livers and then add the capers and anchovy fillets and chop everything as finely as possible. Season and continue cooking, adding a little broth every now and again if the mixture becomes too dry. Spread the mixture on toasted pieces of bread which have been quickly dipped in the hot broth.


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