The Lakes of Chiusi and Montepulciano are situated right in the middle of the Valdichiana, both within the province of Siena, they are connected by the Passo della Querce channel and are a residual area of the vast swamp that covered the whole valley of the Chiana river. The whole area is a natural protected reserve (ANPIL) which includes, in the southern part of the lakes, a WWF oasis of 8 hectares.

The place is a small paradise for nature lovers. The two lakes are rich in history and have one of the most interesting and varied types of lacustrine fauna in central Italy. The tench, the eel, various varieties of carp, cat fish, rudd, pike, various types of perch and whitebait can all be found in the two lakes and in the nearby Chiana Canal. They are also the perfect habitat for amphibians such as the common and the emerald variety of toad, Italian tree frog and green frog.

For lovers of bird watching, the two lakes are a must. Over 150 species can be found, some migratory, some nesting and some wintering. Amongst them are the heron, the Svasso maggiore and the Moretta tabaccata. The herons, in particular, have grown in number and variety of species during the last few years. The largest concentration of herons can be found in the woods surrounding the Lake of Chiusi.

Also, for fishing enthusiasts, the two lakes are a must. Lots of techniques can be used, such as spinning, from a boat with an electric motor or by using oars. Carp fishing from the shore can haul carps of considerable size. With a minimum of cost one can practice the bottom fishing technique, also called the English, thus catching carp, cat fish and perch. To be able to fish one, of course, needs a special permit that can be of daily, weekly or yearly duration.

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