The Small Town of Anghiari

The small town of Anghiari, in the province of Arezzo, known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is rich in history, monuments and places of interest. In 1440 the plain of the Valtiberina, in front of Anghiari was the site of the battle between the Florentines and the Milanese, with the victory of the first who reduced the territorial claims of the Lombard. In memory of this battle a public institution was formed: "The Palace of the Battle", which with the passing of time has been transformed into the Museum of the Battle of Anghiari.

The museum has as its primary aim to spread the acquaintance of the Battle of Anghiari, as a political, military and artistic event. But this is not the only topic of interest of the Palazzo della Battaglia. In 2007 it has been constituted also the Museum of Memory and Landscape in the Land of Anghiari. Another opportunity to learn about history, territory and the beautiful landscapes of this wonderful village. Probably, the Battle of Anghiari would have been simply forgotten if the magistrates of Florence had not commissioned Leonardo da Vinci the task of decorating the halls of the Palazzo Vecchio, to remember the victory of the Republic of Florence in Anghiari. The master painted the work, remained unfinished, but this was destroyed because of the particular technique used by Leonardo and later replaced by the decorations of the Vasari.

Another event for those strolling the streets and typical lanes of the village is the visit to the frescoes and liturgical furnishings of the historic Renaissance Palazzo Taglieschi. The building retains the name of Taglieschi, one of the wealthiest families of the 15th Century of the territory. Around the 60’s began the restoration that returned to the building its noble appearance. The beautiful Renaissance building from 1976 houses the State Museum which preserves paintings, sculptures, liturgical furnishings and old tools for fields works. Among the important works present, there is a polychrome wood Madonna by Jacopo della Quercia.

Sightseeing Anghiari will allow tourists to visit the many churches of the place, as the Abbey of San Bartolomeo, the Chapel of Misericordia, the Church of the Cross and the Church of Santo Stefano, to name a few. In the village square certainly does not pass unnoticed by the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi. In short, an ancient village that is worth visiting to appreciate all the goodness of its beauties, its culture and its historical traditions. In some ways a unique atmosphere that will give you pleasant emotions and beautiful moments to remember, good food and local, tasteful products of high quality such as goat cheese, olive oil, wine, honey, vinegar and classic Tuscan salami and sausages.

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